Stand Out 🧍‍♂️-2- Stand Up â¬†ï¸

Count yourself alike to everyone (in terms of hardwork, challenges and trials) but don’t compare your life with someone else’s..YOU ARE BORN TO BE DIFFERENT!

Even though you might have been born in the same place, lived among the same society members, received the same education as everyone else…still it’s surprisingly true to acknowledge the fact that God has a unique purpose for your life unlike the millions around you..& that is to “STAND OUT”..

While Apostle Paul tries to teach valuable lessons to the people living in Colossians, he stresses on the importance of Christ-radiating-lifestyle. Christians today have let go of the vital aspect of their existence due to the changing rules of the immoral society (which cannot distinguish between right and wrong) and the lack of faith in God’s Word (owing to too much of social life and too little of spiritual life)..

“Redemption of Time” is as important as your life..

How many times have you tried to make use of the opportunities to share God’s love to your unbelieving friends?..

How many ways have you tried to reach to the unreached?

Just like how salvation is a gift 🎁 for everyone, similarly the way we redeem time to reflect this freely-received heavenly gift among earthly beings is the responsibility of every soul that has been saved..Don’t think Pastors and Ministers are only responsible for spreading the Good News when you yourself are going to be questioned on that Day of Judgment as to how you’ve redeemed your time..

Thus, take every struggle as an opportunity to showcase the greatness of your Creator..Make use of your every weakness as a weapon to reveal His Strength so that everyone around you would know that “the One in you is greater than the one in the world 🌎.”

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