Cured🩺 or Healed🩸?..💭

“When my body falls sick, doctors can help..

When my soul grows faint, what can help me?”


The pursuit of disease-free body and sickness-free society has always been on the mind of mankind, provoking him/her to take countless efforts to develop the knowledge of science and medicinal technology to cope up with the challenging health situations.

Despite all the advancements, do we have the medicine to cure all the life-threatening diseases?


But the good news is that there is a wonderful DOCTOR who can “cure your every ailment and heal your every pain”; HE is the Greatest Physician ever and HIS name is LORD JESUS CHRIST, the only SON of GOD!

Present State Of Doctors vs Gospel :-

In the current situation of battling with deadly viruses (& fungi) like coronavirus, all frontline workers, especially doctors are found to be at the verge of their highest potential, risking their lives for mankind. Sadly, many such promising doctors have lost their lives in this process. I would say, this is the right time for the Power of Gospel to reach every nook and corner of our societies and nation. But how can it reach when the Ambassadors for Christ are still bound by the chains of shyness and ignorance?…Are you ready to be an AMBASSODOR?

Bible researchers have come up with approximately 37 miracles of Jesus but that doesn’t prove how many miraculous healings our Lord had done for the mankind..In the words of Apostle John, even if countless books were to be written to record the deeds of Lord JESUS, the entire world wouldn’t be sufficient!!!

It’s time to do our tiniest bit in caring about their selfless lives that has cared for us all these years. Let’s always remember to pray for the doctors and for welfare!

As every day passes by swiftly, we need to bear in mind that we are drawing near to the End of the World..This is not a fantasy..IT IS THE TRUTH, currently manifested in so many astonishing ways.

The GREATEST PHYSICIAN is still looking for interns like you to bring health to the bodies and nourishment to the souls of many perishing around us. Are you willing to take up this ONE-TIME GOLDEN OFFER??

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