Awe-filled Awesomeness!

Can languages be sufficient to praise Him?

Can tongues be enough to account His greatness?

Can words be efficient to glorify God’s love?’

….Let’s ponder🤔

The word ‘awesome’, shortened as “osum” (📱- text language) is not a new one. Very casually, we use this word whenever we feel wondrous about someone or something. But above everyone and everything that stupifies us, the marvelous works of our Marvelous Creator is beyond the scope of the entity ‘AWESOME’ because ‘awesome’ doesn’t define God but instead it is God who refines the ‘awesome’ which the world defines!!


Covenants are promises for us from God entrusted to be the blessings in disguise. Human beings promise things which they themselves cannot keep but the Creator does it 💯 what He promises because He is not a man to pretend & forget what He said. Wait with patience for His promises are worth the wait!

You are His masterpiece selected out the millions living around you..Don’t underestimate your Creator’s selection!..Smile🙂..What was your promise from God this year?..Has it been fulfilled?..If not, don’t get discouraged, He has the perfect time for your every promise to be made perfect!!


When we love God by keeping His commandments, He showers His tender blessings upon our lives through the radiance of His loving kindness..Often, people say they love God but they don’t realize the importance of obeying His ordinances..It could be compared to a balloon 🎈with no air 💨..useless & meaningless..What about you?..Are you loving Him the way you should?

The best music 🎶 is that which praises His glorious name 🙌😍 {👇This is my Instagram page “CreationChats” on ‘christian melodies’ in many different languages..Hope to see your support❤👇}.

Have a great day 😊

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