1/100➡️Fear of Rejection

“Rejected by man yet Chosen by God”..that’s how precious you are!

Who doesn’t fear?..🤔

Every person, whether rich or poor, wise or foolish, healthy or sick are prone to have been infected with some kind of fear in their hearts. There are approximately 100 named –phobias…which one do you have?..What’s your biggest fear?..


Our Fearless Creator desires each one of us to overcome the fear by recognizing His presence in our lives which says, “Darling, do not fear!..I’m there with you..Do not be afraid”.

Still, when the world gets louder we fail to hear God’s gentle voice. Among all the types of fears, I’d say that one of the most tormenting is that of ‘rejection’..

“If parents reject you, can you still be happy?..If your friends reject you, can you still be smiling?..If the company rejects your application, can you still laugh aloud?..When the person you love rejects you, can you still be joyful?“..The answer to all these would be a big “NO”!!

As soon as a person faces some sort of rejection, he/she should know to analyze critically on –

  1. Who is rejecting whom? (Remember : The world rejected the Messiah to whom it is surrendering back now)
  2. Why this rejection? (Remind yourself : Flesh only rejects when it fails to see the glory of the Spirit of God)
  3. How did this rejection unfold? (Note : The LivingStone has become the Capstone)

When you think of how God’s (Agape) love for mankind overcame the trials of life and death on the calvary, you’d feel a peace descend upon your minds and hearts as you think “If the Sovereign King could come down to accept a sinner like me, why should I bother about who is rejecting me today?!”

Tips to overcome this fear :-

Based on my short experience, coupled with God’s inspiring words, I’d like to share some tips (which I personally use) with you :-

  • First of all, “Use brain before tears”.. Don’t cry when you feel rejected. Instead, take a few minutes to introspect all the three questions dealt above and analyze whether the rejection is worth your tears.
  • Second, come a bit more closer to taste the love of God (by reading the Bible) because sometimes, God purposely takes you away from certain people to bring many more blessings in your life.
  • Third and the most important one, ACCEPT THE TRUTH THAT GOD ACCEPTS YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!!..Whenever I feel downcast, the only thing that strengthens me is the belief that “I am a Child of God..My King loves me & when the King Himself accepts and favors me, why should I worry about the rejection by my fellow-beings”..

‘Come near to God’s loving acceptance

to overcome the fear of world’s rejection!’

#God bless you😍

5 thoughts on “1/100➡️Fear of Rejection

  1. Right..
    Only if people understand that lifebus all about the courage to imagine and overcome rejections after a certain stage…..it is the ability to walk through the rejection or otherwise which makes you what you are..
    Regards 🙏🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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