Cast Your Cares For He Cares!

“Caring hearts give the best medicine

Caring souls heal the worst pain”

Care, the beautiful feeling of concern and selfless attention to the needs and requirements of someone/something is very special. We all have people caring for us and we in turn care for many around us..Yet, at certain point of time, we lose sight of this ‘care’ as it seems unsatisfactory to meet the needs of our souls..God’s Word fascinates us by saying..

Presently, you could have tons of troubles and countless cares upon your shoulders, weighing you down. But cheer up dear..God has the answer for your every tear!..Your Creator is an amazing Care-Taker!!..

Whose life is without a struggle?..Who can say that ‘I don’t care about anything’?..

Everyone, born as a human, has to go through the trials and tribulations but that’s not the end..That’s just the beginning to ‘understanding the awesome power of God’s love’ into our lives..Never compare yourself with anyone..Commit yourself to Him who can remove that heavy weight on your shoulders and fill you with the happiness from His refreshing waters of delight😊

On this 1st day of the new month ‘June’, let’s continue to keep praying for our loving parents who’ve never stopped caring for us..Our Heavenly Father shows His priceless care through the lives of our parents..So, just take a few seconds and tell them how much you love them..& see the smile it brings upon their tender faces😍

Have a safe n joyous month ahead🙂

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