7 detestables : Get ready for a ‘Head-2-Toe’ Scan!

Hey!..Hope you’re safe and doing well!

A quick question for you..’As knowledge progresses, morality ____________’ (fill the blank)

“This is not a sin”..”Doing as I please is my right as a human being”..”There is nothing like good or bad”..etc..We might have come across these false perceptions of people around us. Living in the present times where people aren’t able to differentiate between what’s right and wrong, it’s appropriate for us to have a body check-up with these chastising words from Proverbs..

The Word of God is like a double-edged sword which pierces into the innermost depths of a person to cleanse their souls of the filth acquired by one’s environmental and personal factors. Let’s check it out one by one..

1) Eyes πŸ‘€ – God dislikes haughtiness, especially when it is expressed through our eyes. A look of superiority to others (fellow human beings) when we ourselves are inferior to the Majestic Creator is detestable in His sight. Always be humble because ‘humility comes before honour’!

2) Tongue πŸ—£ – The power of life and death are in the words uttered by our tongue and if it’s a lie that we speak, remember that God hates lies. No matter how difficult, He always teaches us to speak the truth.

3) Hands βœ‹ – In the current situation, we might not have shed (murder physically) the blood of an innocent person but how many times have we hurt people by the way we text them replies through our hands??!!..How many times has our actions been a discouragement to others?..πŸ€”

4) Heart πŸ«€ – Devising wicked schemes is the 4th thing that God detests. Even though we don’t speak hatred to a person directly, we need to remind ourselves that our Creator reads our minds and tests our hearts..

5) Feet πŸ‘£ – Where are our footsteps (efforts) leading us?..Are we headed towards eternal bliss by letting go of worldly temptations?..Feet that are swift to commit a sin, i.e., willingly following the ways of wickedness is not desirable for us..

6) Brain 🧠 – ‘Falsely accusing an innocent person’ or trying to ‘hide the truth of a sin committed by telling lies’ are both detestable in God’s sight. Thoughts processed carefully result in creating positive perspectives in life. Hence, it’s important to check our minds and eliminate all the unnecessary thoughts in it through the scanner called ‘prayerful conscience’!

7) Body 🧍- Never be a precursor to any sort of conflict within your family or at workplace. Our Creator loves the peace-seekers. As much as possible, we have to train our bodies (physically + mentally) to prefer ‘counsel than conflict’..

Coming back to the question we’ve started with, in this 21st century we find that As knowledge progresses, the morality/ ethical values seems to regress’..But as a child of the KING, let’s continue to strike the temptations of the evil one by sharpening our skills of prayer and meditation!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

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