21-05-21 : Turn Terror into Favour

Today is the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century!!..🤩

In order to stand against the terror of terrorism, this day is observed as “Anti Terrorism Day”. With the restless tension between Israel and Palestine amidst the pandemic situation not yet overcome by many nations, I don’t think I have to explain much about the world’s current status in terms of peacelessness and turmoil on every side..But as a child of God, we ought to take inference from the present times (END DAYS) to what has already been prophesied in the Bible!

‘Imagining a world of peace’ is not going to benefit us anymore because TIME WILL DELAY NO LONGER!..When we come across these signs of last days, let’s just raise our heads above (concentrating on the Almighty) and be ready for the final redemption of mankind..

Living peacefully in these times of terror is only possible when we are surrounded by God’s favour..Do you remember the story of Noah’s Ark??..

As long as Noah and his family obeyed God, they were safely secured against the flood, inside the ark, protected by God’s love. Noah had to go through the flood of water 💧…but you and me are going to go through the flood of fire 🔥 (final judgment)…How much more of God’s favor do we need today!!??


“This year isn’t a year to yearn for new things..Instead, it’s a year to thank God for all the little and big things, already given by Him”..What will you thank for?

Crossing each day safely is itself a big miracle 🙂…Thank God for it!

As today is a special day, let’s remember to THANK OUR SWEET CREATOR for atleast 21 things that we are most grateful for!!

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