How to declare something when you’re not aware of what’s going to happen next?..

How to assure someone else when you yourself aren’t sure of the very next hour of your life?..

How to promise something when you’re not certain of fulfilling it?…

Questions like these aren’t new but yet we end up promising someone something when we ourselves aren’t sure of being alive tomorrow..Doesn’t it sound funny!?..

This is the reason why our Creator says (Matthew 5 : 33-37) ‘Don’t promise..Leave that work to me, because I know what to promise and how to fulfill what I promise’..He further instructs us to just say the truth, ‘Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO..Anything beyond that comes from the evil one’!

We serve the Promising God who has compromised with our ignorance in order to fulfill the eternal promises in our lives..Bible researchers have come up with the maximum approximation of around 8,810 promises of God to mankind and the happy news is that God has been fulfilling and He is still faithful enough to fulfill all that He has promised for us! Smile now๐Ÿ˜ƒ…because..

Your future is in the hands of the Promise-Keeper!!..๐Ÿ˜Š

What are you compromising with today?..Are you sacrificing your integrity, just to get alongwith everyone?..That’s very sad!!

Always remember to uphold onto the path of righteousness by believing the living words of our Sovereign Lord in this life (one life – only one chance) that we’ve been gifted with..

Claim His promises in your life!

May the blessings of the God of promises abide with you and fulfill His purpose in your life!!

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