May 12, 2021 : National Nurses Day

‘NURSES : Caring hands and compassionate hearts are in need of something from you today’…Any guess??

Apostle Paul in his letters to the Romans explained the importance of selflessness. He said that if you are weak, ask God for strength and if you are strong, help the ones who are weak..that’s our biggest obligation as children of God.

Nurses are the embodiment of selfless nature as they take relentless efforts to cater to the ailing patients amidst their personal concerns..Shouldn’t we take a few seconds and appreciate their efforts!?

Our Creator rewards those who do the right acts of kindness..One of the best examples for this is taken from the Book of Exodus where the two midwives in Egypt considered their professional ethics to be more important than the political rule.

When the Egyptian Pharaoh asked them to kill all the baby boys, they knew that isn’t right and they feared God and refrained from doing what the king asked of them.. Don’t you think it requires a lot of courage!?..God rewarded their lives with all happiness just because they took the right decision to listen to His voice alone…But often, even after knowing what’s the right thing to be done, we end up losing our patience and never refrain from walking in the incorrect ways of life..🤔


Did you guess what our nurses need from us?…It is our PRAYERS..Let’s keep praying for the safety and peace in their hearts and families as they serve mankind…May God keep them safe 🙏

Take a few minutes to call or text a ‘Thank you’ to the nurses (from friends and family members) who’ve made your lives better with their care and love❤..

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