The epitome of

Symbol of care

Essence of bliss

Beauty in soul

Courageous in mind

Shelter in times of tears

Healer in times of pain

Love in a loveless world

A friend like no other

Caressing with her comfort

Is a MOM,

the most wonderful creation!

#Special greetings to all the beautiful ‘moms’ to stay healthy and happy!

Being the second creation as God’s own handiwork, Eve was brought into this world to complete a man, in fact to complete the world itself. In God’s eyes, every woman has always been considered as a beautiful treasure. Though created a little bit weaker in terms of physical strength, she’s made a lot more stronger to conquest the impossible through her undefiable will-power…Motherhood defines the best part of a woman’s life in addition to being the most cherished phase in a man’s life and the irreplaceable treasure in her child’s heart.. A woman though shines like gold.. she sparkles as a diamond💎 when she becomes a “mother”..

In the Holy Scripture, there are countless encounters noted which marks the uniqueness of a mother’s greatness…Almost ____ times the word ‘mother’ has been mentioned in our Bible. Let’s get to know ‘M-O-M-S’ the way our Creator praises..


If I ask you, ‘Who loves you the most?’..I’m sure 99% would affirm it to be your moms..Though dads are irreplaceable, moms hold a special in our hearts. We could speak or sing endlessly to show gratitude to our mothers who made it possible for us to be a part of this world 🌎..’God has inscribed you in His hands ✋..and mom has held you in her hands’..

Jesus, while carrying the cross met the compassionate mom’s who out of mercy ,cried seeing the Saviors pain which made God say to them to not worry about Him as they are the ones to care the most about their families..


From time immemorial, moms are known for their relentless efforts to serve her family and to safeguard the welfare of every individual. We work to fill our pockets or to pay our debts or to satisfy our needs..But she works day and night selflessly just to see you smile…Isn’t that amazing?..Thank her for all that she’s done for you!

Proverbs 31 : 17 says “She girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms”…The account of a ‘Virtuous wife’ as recorded in Proverbs 31:10-31 sheds light on the professional competency of a MOM who could manage both business work and household chores with appreciable applauds..


When talking about true meditation 🧘‍♀️ that made all her worries go away to the point of remembering her sorrows no more…who could forget the beautiful tear-filled prayers of Hannah..Her meditative nature not just helped her to enjoy motherhood, instead she was the mother of Samuel, Israel’s first prophet who spent his entire to serve the Almighty. A woman who meditates gets powerful but a mother who meditates gets even more stronger and powerful..


Talk about mom without the mention of her innumerable sacrifices is of no significance..Every mom sacrifices her life for the happiness of her family..She harvests her time, health, hobbies, interests and ambition for the joy she reaps by seeing the prosperity in her children.

One mom who stood exceptional for her sacrificing nature was the Syro-phoenician mom who readily sacrificed her name and dignity to the extent of being counted as a puppy just to see the Jehovah Rapha healing her possessed daughter.

Similarly, there are many remarkable incidents recorded in the Old as well as New Testaments which proves the dedication and love of a mother towards her children, thus instilling a special respect in our hearts towards our moms❤.

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