Live n Laugh : 🥼2 Clothes🧥 must for you!

#World Laughter Day 😀

‘Laughter is the best medicine 💊’..It lowers blood pressure, slows down the pace of getting depressed by increasing the chances of staying optimistic and smiling..Laughter is completely advantageous but if you don’t hold on to it, it can disappear as quickly as it appears in your life..

Proverbs Chapter 31 talks about a Virtuous Woman who displays exceptional wisdom when it comes to balancing both work and home..She could even laugh at her future while most of us frown when we think of our future..Would you like to know her secret??

If you wish to laugh aloud and live long, then here are 2 things that we learn from the life of the Virtuous wife..

(1) Be clothed with God’s strength – When God’s mighty hands strengthen our weak bones and perishing flesh, every single cell in our body starts to sing 🎶 His praise..Everytime you get ready to go out, just ask for God’s strength..HIS strength is enough to break the shatters of past and build the fortress of future..

(2) Be clothed with dignity – Dignity lies in how one strives to increase his/her worth..No one in this world has been born perfect..but every one works hard to reach near to perfection..Be a person who tries very hard to be the best version of yourself!

When you start living a life that’s worth glorifying your Creator, He makes it possible for you to smile and laugh at the days to come..Right now, we all are gripped with the fear of corona but don’t worry..The God within you is powerful than any virus evading outside of you!..

3 thoughts on “Live n Laugh : 🥼2 Clothes🧥 must for you!

  1. Laughter really is the best medicine for the soul, it makes the heart happy. I know for me I have to laugh, and especially when I do one of those hard laughs and my belly aches so much. To me that is the best laughter of all.

    Great posting! Have a bless day!

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