He Guidesđź«‚ = He Provides🛍..Is it true?

‘Hope failed hurts, but God’s promises never fail’

2020 gone..2021 running yet COVID-19 hasn’t left it’s hold in our lives.. We all have expected better chances of success in our endeavors this year..but 2021 has something else planned for us…Everything that hasn’t worked out yet will come about as soon as we take time to realize the importance of having Immortal God as the Greatest Guide in our mortal lives..Let’s analyze Isaiah 58 : 11..

Theorem : Our LORD provides iff (if and only if) HE guides.

Often, people believe a statement only after it’s proven, either by themselves or by someone they trust..The Word of God promises us what we need the most..Are you ready to receive it?

Proof : Let’s start with the Necessary Condition – ‘Our Lord provides if HE guides’..

When Israelites were guided by the Almighty, He provided all their needs, from food-to-shoe, from morning-to-night and from having nothing-to-everything!..When we surrender to God’s will and allow His precepts to guide us, we can rest assured that HE will meet all our supplication, because HE IS OUR JEHOVAH JIREH – OUR PROVIDER!

Here comes the Sufficiency Condition – ‘Our God guides if HE provides’..

Our Creator shows His unending love by fulfilling our endless desires through His perfect plans for our lives..Sometimes, you might be praying for ‘A’ (any success that you want right now) to happen, but it could not be happening making you sad..Just remember that this delay is because God is shaping you through trials and sufferings to be made perfect to be awarded ‘A+’ in life..

Hence, it can be proved every single second of your life that “If God leads you..He will definitely provide all that you anticipate – even more than you desire”…

Keep trusting HIM🙂…Have a nice day!

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