🥇#No.1 Physician : Jehovah Rapha🩸🩺

‘Doctors may or may not cure you..but God is able to heal you always!‘..

As I’m jotting these words, I take a glance at the latest COVID news updates to get more disheartened as to how many people are getting affected every single day. As foretold by our Creator, we are living in the End Times, surrounded by deadly diseases and ceaseless pestilences🤔..But still..Don’t worry..God is our only hope on this dark world because there’s no sickness that He can’t cure and there’s no disease that He can’t heal…HE IS OUR JEHOVAH RAPHA (OUR HEALER)

If only I could touch His garment, I will be healed (Matthew 9 : 21)”, said the woman suffering with the issue of blood for about 12 years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors, spent all she had and yet instead of getting better, she grew worse.

Even if things weren’t promising in her life, her unshakable faith in God surprised me. It’s interesting to note that everytime Lord Jesus healed a person, He looked into the faith inside his/her heart. This woman didn’t worry about the crowd that’s around Lord Jesus, she didn’t wait to be noticed by the disciples or she didn’t think of getting an appointment with God to be healed. SHE BELIEVED AND SHE SEIZED THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST HER BELIEF!…That’s the attitude Christ desires from us today!..

The moment she took the courage to touch the edge of His cloak, we see God’s power entering her sick body and that very second, she felt her body to be freed as the bleeding stopped..12 years of sickness needed just a few minutes of her belief and only one second for our God to heal! Isn’t it wonderful!?

Testimony follows Healing..

This incident of Healing has been recorded in the books of Matthew (9:20-22), Mark (5:25-34) and Luke (8:43-48). The translation in Mark and Luke help to realize another important aspect of being healed.

Though Lord Jesus knew that this woman had been healed by touching His cloak, He wished to make her bold by confessing her healing in front of everyone who used to ridicule her sickness before. It’s right to say ‘When man heals the body, God heals the soul with the body‘!..The moment she confessed her action of faith as a testimony of how God healed her, she was filled with a Heavenly peace and set free completely from the vicious gossips and cruel talks of people around her.

Are you praying for your healing today?..Take a leap of faith through acts of devotion by believing God and He will definitely heal you this very moment!..May the blessings of our Jehovah Rapha abide with you and your family 🙏

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