Why to be the ‘Clay’? – 3 valid reasons🤔

‘Learning from mankind is profitable whereas learning from nature is always inspirational’..The beauty of clay (visualized as something ordinary) can be seen only through the transforming eyes of its Potter!

Be the ‘Clay’ as God is your Potter – Since the creation of man through the creative hands of God, it’s been an unshakable fact that ‘created beings cannot surpass the Creator’..Yet, our Lord has been gracious enough to keep molding us, everytime we break..The simplicity of clay lies in its tendency to surrender to the will of its Potter rather than resisting the change He makes in it’s shape and texture. Are you allowing God to break the unnecessary walls you’ve built??

Be the ‘Clay’ as God is your Shaper – You might have heard people asking you to blend in with the society, get along with traditions or just become one among the rest..But our Creator doesn’t desire that..If your fingerprint can’t be same as someone else’s, then do you think your life would be similar to someone else’s?..So, the next time you feel yourself being broken down, smile at yourself with the belief that “my God is shaping me into something useful”..🙂

Be the ‘Clay’ as God is your Transformer – Transformations are not easy, especially when it comes to the modification of one’s attitude and behavior. In the wilderness, God transformed Israelites in order to reach the blessings of Canaan..Inside the belly of the fish, God transformed the perception of Jonah to preach the truth to Nineveh…These are just few examples where God exhibited the process of transformation by the breaking down of one’s self- centredness and shaping them towards His eternal will. You can be in your best form when He is your Potter..You can shine the brightest when He is your Light…Hence…Be always willing to be His choicest clay!!

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