✝️Calvary ↔️ Health : 5-for-1 Exchange!

‘Coronavirus LIVE : 115,269 new cases in India, biggest one-day spike so far😳’, says Business Standard 📰..(just minutes ago)..How safe is this world?..How to stay healthy amidst all of this?

On this day (WORLD HEALTH DAY – 2021)..let’s build a fairer and healthier world for everyone by building ourselves stronger on the Everlasting Rock 🪨 of salvation!..

Every human deserves to be healthy..every individual works hard to earn livelihood in order to keep himself/herself sickness-free..Though we all desire to achieve ‘health’ through money 💰..medicine 💊 and medical care 🏥..still this doesn’t seem to be enough..🤔why??

‘Our griefs(1)..He has borne in His heart..

Our sorrows(2)..He has carried on His shoulders’

Health, as a gift 🎁 includes both physical as well as psychological..and only One Physician has been successful in granting both of these through His blemishless blood on the Calvary..The Cross of Calvary unfolds mind blowing wonders and miracles for those who believe..

‘Our transgressions(3)..wounded His body..

Our iniquities(4)..bruised His skin’

Salvation, the redemption of our souls from the sinful intentions and wrong actions doesn’t just help to cleanse us spiritually but it adds length to our days by providing happiness with good health. Whenever you’re ill, gaze upon the Wondrous Creator, who displayed His great love for us by taking our every pain and every sorrow upon His holy body to the point of shedding even the last drop of His precious blood for every teardrop of yours in this life!

‘By His chastisement(5)..we have peace

By His stripes..we are HEALED’

As a living testimony, I myself have been through a lot of health issues but the only One I looked at..was the One who loves me the most..When suffering gets painful, I just force myself to have a bit more faith and say “There’s power in Blood of JESUS!..By His stripes, I’m healed”..Guess what!..It always works..100% guaranteed by His blood!..Amen😇

Any disease..you can name it

Any sickness..you can feel it

Any illness..you can go through it

Any pain..you can cry because of it

Any heartache..you can suffer from it

But be it anything that touches your body

Nothing can touch your health as God is your HEALER!

#If you could just believe and confess…

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