🤔’Easter or not Easter’: 3 misconceptions to break today👍

The chains of sin has been broken

The sting of death has been nullified

The power of hell has been defeated

The pride of evil has been destroyed

The peace of world has been won

The lives of mankind has been restored

The song of salvation has been singing

Because our Savior has arisen

He is alive forevermore!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Resurrection Day!

Misconception 1 – It’s about an Empty Grave..not Eggs🥚

Our world has seen many saints and countless beliefs and numerous cults holding on to the truth that ‘death is man’s end’. Well, Lord JESUS alone has proven it wrong..HE rose from the dead as the first fruit of Eternal life..Our God does what He speaks..When He said “I’m the Resurrection and life”..He meant it to its fullest essence..

But what do we see the world celebrating today💭..is something to be concerned about!..easter eggs..easter bunny..easter..What are these??..Illogical and irrelevant to God’s word!..If you say you’re a follower of Bible, then please read it before following the vain practices of the so-called Christians!

Teach your child the truth behind the empty grave and not the fake story of an egg..Sadly, upcoming generations wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the immense power of God’s love displayed through His Resurrection if we fail to tell share to our children..Spend more time to talk about things that really matter..things that can make them wise.. that can satisfy their hearts and save their souls.

Misconception 2 – It’s about a Beautiful Savior..not a Bunny🐰

Though the Bible doesn’t have even one reference pertaining to words like ‘easter egg’ or ‘easter bunny’..historical evidences connect these terms with the idolatry worship of a goddess named ‘easter’, originally Ishtar…What a shame for today’s intellectual world to fail to realize this difference!..Even though realized, people are reluctant to say “Resurrection” instead of “easter”…Why?!

Misconception 3 – It’s about the Resurrection..not Easter☀️

The first step is always the hardest..but the one who succeeds in it will always be successful! Research God’s words and the authencity in the practices and rituals around you..you’ll know for yourself as to what is right and what is not.Take the first step of wishing ‘Happy Resurrection Day’ instead of ‘Happy Easter’ to all your near and dear ones today..

Correct yourself before it’s too late🧐..

Death has no power before His name..Hell is nothing before His presence..the evil forces of this world shatter at the sound of His footsteps..Heaven magnifies as earth terrifies at the sight of the KING OF GLORY, riding on the clouds, coming very soon to take you and me into His Everlasting arms!…Let’s get ouselves ready for the Second Coming of our Matchless Creator by rejoicing everyday in the power of His resurrection!

Stay blessed😍..if possible, share to others too🤩

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