🌼10th Commandment of the 10 Commandments..#HolyWeekSeries – Day 4🌼

“Look at him!..He has an amazing car unlike me”..”She has a better physique than me”..”I love those shoes that he’s wearing..I want exactly the same ones”..These sentences seem to have become a common conversation that is blinded by the truth of the sin it provokes. But..Is it right to think this way?..🤔

‘Covetousness in thoughts is more dangerous than stealing in action’..Though both are sins, we tend to casually commit the former more often than the latter..Apostle Paul has made it a bit more clear in this verse..

Conversations devoid of covetousness leads to eternal satisfaction with the materialistic blessings we already possess..You could say,”I have so many things that I lack in life…how can you suggest me to be content?”..Even I feel the same sometimes, but guess what..the truth of God’s lovely words “I will never leave you..nor forsake you” seems to fill my heart with His satisfactory love, that assures me of everything that I lack.

Two different people encountered Lord Jesus in two different situations teaching us two valuable lessons..Let’s learn about them..

Judas betrays..😐

Judas Iscariot, chosen by Lord Jesus to be one of His disciples was the treasurer for the Twelve Apostles. Though he was so close to his Savior, his heart seemed far away from the knowledge of salvation that he decided to deceive his Majesty with a kiss for just 30 pieces of silver..How could Judas be so naive to fall into satan’s trap?..What I learned from his life is that no matter how close we’ve been at the start of our relationship with Lord Jesus, if we allow the seed of dissatisfaction to be sown within us, it will definitely make us regret as it drives us far far away from His grace…The pathetic end of Judas’ life is a lesson to imbibe today!

Mary perfumes..🙂

God’s words are pure and tested..if His words can prick your conscience, it can also heal your confidence..The beautiful act of devotion by Mary is a sight to behold and a lesson to learn. Though initially, she was a woman far away from God’s presence, she strived to draw nearer to Him with humbleness, and this made the later days of her life to be blessed and cheerful.

The cost of the perfume was worth about 300 denarii, about $54,509 in US dollars (approx.)..While Judas thought ’30 pieces of silver’ was precious enough to betray his Master…Mary knew that even the costliest perfume she had wasn’t priceless enough to offer to her Stunning Maker. That’s the difference between both of them – sacrificial love exceeding covetousness!

As you begin this new month of April, may you realize the importance of “Abstaining from covetous thoughts and envious talks” and lean more into “Adoring God’s blessings with a content heart and a happy smile”…

Have a lovely day😍

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