🧐Day 2 – “How clean are you?”..#HolyWeekSeries⛪

Clean hands or clean actions??..If cleanliness in physical sense is about keeping oneself tidy in order to stay healthy in a hygienic way..then cleanliness in the spiritual sense is way more important as it makes one to stay on the path of righteousness..What excites you more – God or money💰??

As I was browsing through the latest news about churches around the world, I was perturbed looking at the pics of so many churches being converted into business spots, entertainment zones..Do you think people need another sin to cover up their past sins?..Recently, mankind is going very astray from the right path of cleanliness, as predicted in the prophecies..What cleanliness should we possess?

“A building is not a church, just like how a house is not a home”..The Body of Christ indicates you and me, bound together to serve Him gladly. If you are a part of any church, always be alert to scrutinize whether the actions performed there are parallel to God’s words or not. Seldom, people fail to analyze and end up in a den of robbers, imagining it to be the house of prayer.

After the Triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem, Lord Jesus desired to speak to the people in the Temple..As He walked into God’s temple, He was upset to see how the money-minded people have turned the place of worship into a cave of businesses..His stern words that “My house is a house of prayer” should always be ringing in our ears and hearts everytime as we enter His throne of grace.

Clean thoughts 》Clean actions

If you wish to be a clean person, it’s high time to set our cleanse our thoughts. Only God’s pure love can cleanse the filthy thoughts of our minds and make our actions to be as He wants them to be – blameless and upright.

The best cleanser is “PRAYER”..Admit your uncleanness in His house of prayer and accept His cleanness of grace!..

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