🌿Day 1- “HOSANNA”..#HolyWeekSeries🌿

With the eyes of thousands glued at the gate, disciples leading the humble colt which was draped with colorful cloaks, was the most historic moment ever as the breeze swayed the green palm leaves held joyously by the people singing, “HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST”!

Today, if you ask someone the question Who is Jesus?’..It’s unlikely to note that 90% of people just remember our Lord Jesus as someone on a wooden cross, neither do they know what He did before nor are they willing to accept the truth of His resurrection…If you wish to help such a person to know the gospel, just say “HOSANNA” with faith to your Creator..He loves answering to your prayers!

The word ‘Hosanna’ is from Hebrew meaning, ‘Save, Rescue, Savior’..What surprises me the most by reading this passage of the triumphant entry is that God definitely defines time...So many times, Lord Jesus had walked into Jerusalem, healed the sick, preached the Good News of eternal life but this was the only time when the people of Jerusalem honored Him as He truly was…They used to see Him as a Teacher, Healer, Prophet and Servant of God…but this was where, for the very first time, they could see Him and accept Him as the ETERNAL KING OF ISRAEL👑, who was born to save mankind in an extraordinary manner.

‘The need for salvation gives hope to the unsaved and courage to the saved’..

At times, we look at God from a man’s finite perspective which makes it impossible to realize the vastness of His tender mercies into our lives..Try to acknowledge Him by His voice and His words..The preparation of the Heavenly Father to have His only Son to die for our sins is beyond all boundaries of love..Young and old rejoiced that day before the Crucifixion as a symbolic representation of the glorious welcome of our Matchless King at the stunning gates of New Jerusalem, which we are waiting for…

It’s okay if you missed the triumphant entry at Jerusalem..but be careful not to miss the Sovereign King’s royal entry,a sight to behold and yet to come!..Most importantly, don’t forget the palm leaves of “salvation” to adore His radiant presence!!

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