🌿’IN THE VOICE OF THE COLT’…A Real Story!..#Palm Sunday Special🌿


Often we underestimate our talents and capabilities for countless number of incorrect reasons which we assume to be true. We tend to think that, “ Maybe the life of limelight is not for me”, “ Maybe I’m born to be just a normal human being , nothing extraordinary or no special strengths”. We even feel distraught thinking, “Will I ever get to be someone recognized for something unique?”               

But ,  amidst all this..there is still a tender voice that echoes “What is impossible with man is possible with Me”..It’s the voice of the One calling out to the downtrodden and hopeless to become the precious vessels of this Matchless Potter.


Just like some of us, there was a colt standing alone in its manger awaiting the call of anyone who’d like to have it noticed. But when this cruel world only notices when someone is unique or bestowed with any extraordinary power, what else could this humble colt expect than to carry some load for its master. As the radiating sun rays broke through the darkness of night, came the most memorable and meaningful day for the colt. Never had it imagined that this day would be something spectacular that even many centuries later this colt is going to be remembered every time the invincible story of its creator is told. The voice which says ‘I am who I am’…lowers his beautiful gaze upon this hopeless colt and says ‘I want to have a ride on you’. Least it must have occurred in its mind as to what’s to take place later. As soon as the colt was brought to the One who had asked for it, it could hear people standing around saying, “Master, why this one?”, “If you had said one word that you are in need of a ride, I would have arranged for the strongest horse or chariot”. By hearing the different views of people, the timid colt thought maybe this great master wouldn’t prefer to use me for his ride..where am I and where is he..he seems to be such a great person of many untold goodness and he seems to have healed many people…but as this colt’s mind was thinking all this,the GREAT master had already seated himself upon him and not just that people had draped its back with multicolored beautiful clothes…the colt could feel how the MASTER’S presence evoked the people’s admiration and respect.


As walking down the lane, master and me , I could hear his gentle whisper in my yearning ears,” my child,the apple of my eye… I’ve known you before eternity…I’ve seen your silent tears and quiet prayers aching for someone to recognize your presence”…but I’ve always waited for this moment to have you with me on this triumphal entry into the city of Great King that going to be written down in history”…

The colt knew no bounds to its immense happiness to have been able to understand the true meaning of its existence. …SO, it wasn’t to have a common life but an ordinary life to display the extraordinary goodness of its creator.

“9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, HIS OWN SPECIAL PEOPLE, that you may proclaim the praises of HIM who called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light;

10 who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.”

– 1 PETER 2 : 9-10

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