The Relentless One ‘Relented’ by just One act…🧐Any guess??

3 months into 2021..and yet we are still perplexed with the turmoil caused by the pandemic of 2020 and the upcoming troubles awaiting for you and me..While I was thinking as to why everyone has to go through certain trying situations in life, I was captivated towards a special group of people, the Ninevites from the Book📖 of Jonah..

Before your every thought, He had already designed its action..

Before your every plan, He had already drawn its purpose..

Even then…. God relents from what He plans if the people please Him with the sweetest sacrifice of surrendering🙂..

Nineveh, a beautiful prosperous city of the Assyrian Empire was a city to behold. Though it was wealthy and lacked nothing, still it was deficit in morals and ethical values. As the morality among people degraded, the sins committed kept increasing to the limit that God had to stoop down from His glories and decided to destroy the entire city after a warning⚠️ of 40 days through His servant, Jonah.

..One last warning for One large city by One prophet of God!…Today we have thousands of God’s servants..thousands of chastising promises and prophecies…& yet sometimes even our household is not saved, let alone a city….Do you think this formula would work for Nineveh?

The city where all the people were involved in senseless sins and terrible acts of crimes was the city which Jonah tried to avoid entering. Just like many of us, he thought, “There is no way for these people to realize their mistakes..Why should I warn them about God’s punishment!?..Let them suffer“..but our Sovereign Creator is merciful and forgiving!..According to God’s plan, Jonah had to preach the warning of repentance to them..Let’s see what the Ninevites did after hearing..

Where sin increases..God’s grace increases even more..

“Repentance” made God to relent..

That’s really bewildering to imagine as to the whole city along with their king, officials, citizens and livestock came together with one accord to ask God for the forgiveness of their sins..It wasn’t a petition to be filed but a proclaimed fast, that showed the sincerity of the people to their need to be forgiven..They repented with their whole heart, mind and soul..and guess what..GOD RELENTED from doing the harm that He had originally planned for them.

Repentance is that beautiful form of surrender which makes Heaven come down to wash the crimson-like sinful beings into dove-like blemishless lives😇

🦋 Have a blessed day ahead 🦋

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