Revised Law of Exponent : “a⁰ = 1”

A life without morals is no life at all!‘..Practices abhorred by our grandparents have become the ‘trend’ favorable by the coming generations..Technological advancements are for the betterment of mankind, sadly we find them degrading the ethics within people. Do you think ‘no one will judge’ it?

The Word of God has it’s origin beyond the scope of our imaginative perspective of world’s timezone. There are countless evidences of the reference of ‘The Day of Judgment’ in the Bible, the Day of Terror for those indulged in evil practices and the Day of Bliss for those walking according to God’s will..The best part is “No one knows the Day”..Are you prepared for this mega-test of life?

Though the atheistic world doesn’t seem to accept the truth of God as its Creator, yet there are scientific findings pointing towards the “End of the world”, which had already been prophesied to us thousands of years ago…Don’t just follow the ways of man blindly, take a few seconds to check “the happenings of this world” and update your conscience that “time will delay no more”.

Overcome ‘Evil’ 😈 with ‘Good’🙂..

Every human being is blessed with the unique sense of ‘recognition of good and evil’. You might then think 🤔..”Why is sin prevalent? Why do people commit crimes?”…Well, the answer is simple..God hadn’t created us like a robot (programmed to blindly obey the instructions of its maker)..instead He carved you beautifully with a soul which has the right to choose what it wants to follow and what it doesn’t want to. Since, the world is temporarily in control of the Evil One, it is evident as to why so many people prefer the wrong path. People console their actions with statements like..”Who has seen hell!..There is no heaven..This life is all we have”..Sadly, the truth unveiled to their thoughts will be revealed at that Great Day, but it might be too late to regret. The present is all you have to hope for a better future..Act wisely!

I don’t know about you..but I believe 100% that science only speaks what the Eternal Soul has already proved. We could be anyone (rich, poor, intelligent, foolish, healthy, sick…etc) just like the variable “a”, and we all have to face the end of our lives one day (0 = physical death)..but that’s not the end..the main reason for our existence lies only after this physical death..we are going to be judged based on our righteous acts on that Day of Judgment…Get ready!..Hope to see you there…Stay smiling!

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