💧Living Water💧..Endless Life🙂

Water💧…a wonder from our Wondrous Creator, is indeed our lifeline. Shapeless, Odorless and Colorless…yet Water has been an indispensable part of our every hour. How long do you think you could remain thirsty??

The book of John unlocks an interesting encounter between the Son of God (blameless with no guile) and a woman (ashamed of her sin record). Surprisingly, the beauty that connects both of them is “water“…We find the woman, seeking to fulfill her thirst comes to taste the sweetness of our God’s living waters, never drying and ever-brimming!…Let’s take a deeper look at this historic moment!

☆ Before the Encounter..

A Samaritan woman, who had wasted her life being caught up in the vicious trap of adultery to the point of utter desperation for “real love” comes to the well, hoping to atleast have her physical thirst of water to be met. All of a sudden, she noticed an Israelite sitting next to the well. Least did she knew that this Gentle-looking Israelite (sworn enemy of Samaria) would be the One to flip over the page of ‘hatred and solitude’ of her life into chapters of ‘love and recognition’.

☆ During the Encounter..

Even though we encounter the Grace of God, countless times in our lives, still we sometimes fail to keep reminiscing His greatfulness. But, this Samaritan woman is blessed. She didn’t seek to be saved..instead her Savior reached out to her. He started the conversation by asking for water…a very simple yet powerful question to analyze the depth of her spiritual life.

She answered using worldly terms that she shouldn’t be talking or helping an Israelite without knowing that the Messiah she was speaking about was right in front of her. Lord Jesus gave her a hint that “I am the Living Water..I provide the Gift of refreshing waters of life”..And the moment God revealed the sad state of her relationship and her broken life, she broke down to tears as she realized that her Messiah, who can alone mend the broken pieces of her life was right there, near her.

☆ After the Encounter..

What inspires me from the life of this Samaritan woman is what she did after encountering the Darling of Heaven. She didn’t keep the Waters of Everlasting love to herself but instead she stepped boldly and spoke courageously about the Good News the world needed to know..It’s even more beautiful to recall her simple words while testifying, “He told me all that I ever did”…The truth that God knows everything about her life wasn’t something she was ashamed of, or scared to tell..Instead this power of our Omniscient God enabled her to share the pearls of salvation to her neighbors and friends..Believe it..Her life was no more a sad one!..

“How many encounters have I had with my Creator? How many times has He saved me? In how many ways have I testified His name?”….These questions need to be pondered by everyone every single day!

May your trust reside in His name alone!..

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