20/3/2021..Forgiveness to Forgive!..🀝 #LeanOntoLentDays

🎡..Amazing Grace ❀

How sweet the sound πŸ˜‡

That saved a wretch like me…🎢

Do you remember this song?..

As we near Good Friday, we are prompted to meditate the Scripture more, elucidating about the greatest day in the history of mankind when God’s Agape love of it’s purest form was shed as blameless drops of blood for you and me on the cross of Calvary.

Pick any religion and dig deep into it’s mode of salvation..you’ll be surprised to find that they all agree to one point – “No sacrifice..No salvation!”..Animal sacrifices were prominent in the past while history even talks about human sacrifices to please the gods..But were they really saved..Let’s see what our Loving Creator has to say regarding thisπŸ’­..

What’s the use of being religious when we fail to taste it’s sweetness of salvation?..The ‘Deliverance of one’s soul from sin and its consequences’ is termed as “Salvation”. But, today’s world has indulged itself into all sorts of sins in the name of “modernization and trend” without even realizing that this body of dust and its temptations of flesh cannot save them from eternal fire…Sadly, people only realize what’s precious when they lose it😐..I hope you are not one of them!!

In simple words, salvation resides in the shell of forgiveness!..Once you commit a mistake and confess it to the person involved, your chances of getting forgiven is higher..Similarly, the more closer you draw to His grace, the more He forgives and forgets your sins..Isn’t our Lord so amazing!?..And yet, at times, we find it very difficult to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters.Why?

Our God didn’t just forgive us through words…He stepped out of His throne of power into this world as a humble human being, lived and proved what it is to be a righteous living upto the point of shedding His priceless blood for sinners like us..A stupendous act of love which no one has ever done and no one can never do!!

There is power in His blood to save you from anything that’s enstrangling your happiness..God had already done everything possible, free of cost..free of complications…to ensure a bright and hopeful future for you…but the secret to experience it lies in “your faith – profess and proclaim His love through actions”

Let God’s love flows through your veins to activate the cells of forgiveness within you!😍

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