🌞Changing seasons🌧 : 28 Changing Times!☃️

“Life is unfair!”…Have you heard people say this?..At certain point of life, it’s natural to feel this to be true, but there’s a deeper truth to the way we perceive this life!

‘TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NONE!’ is a well-known saying..Every famous personality, who contributed to this world’s development have stressed upon the importance of time and it’s effective management..Yet again, we end up either using the time in hand on worthless matters or wasting the present time in anticipation of a future time to correct the mistakes of our past!..Isn’t it illogical?..

The Word of God has always been careful to guide us as to how to manage one’s time for the best purpose. Through the wisdom-evoking words of King Solomon, our Wise Creator tells us the secret to tide through the different times of this changing life..🤓Would you like to know?

What is the Perfect Timing ?⌚

Even before penning my words for this blog, I was thinking about the apt timing to have it posted but then I was prompted to read through these 28 times and it opened my mind to acknowledge the truth that “There is nothing as PERFECT when you trust a Perfect God…He says ‘Every time is precious and perfect’ “…It’s is in our hands to use it for His glory or not🤔..

The moment you realize that the timing you presently hold is the only valuable thing to put your dreams into action…Mark it dear, that’s your perfect timing to rectify your imperfect thoughts in order to make your tarnished hope to shine again!

No matter, which time (out of those 28 times) you’re presently going through..always remember to do your best to change the season of discouragement through His words of eternal encouragement!

Are you ready to experience the Changing Seasons with the Unchanging Savior?!…💭

From the creation of this world 🌎 up to now…everything has been ever changing..be it the evolution of different species of flora and fauna..be it the developing cities of modernization..be it the transformation of human beings from friends to foes..nothing is constant in this changing universe except the 😍LOVE YOUR CREATOR HAS FOR YOU!😍..There’s no law that can defy it and there’s no power that can disapprove it!..He knows what’s best for you when you yourself aren’t sure of what is good for you🙂..God makes everything beautiful in His time..Just endure a little bit longer with patience, trusting His grace, you will never be disappointed because His loving promises never fail!!

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