3.14….story of ‘π’ , a wonder pie!

What’s the pi ‘π’ of my pie🥧??🤔

Hi buddies👋…🙂Hope you’re enjoying your learning phase of life!..

A quick question..Can you guess which letter of the Greek Alphabet have been studied for more than 4000 years?…

(Well🤓…it’s answer is hidden in the title!)

‘π’, a never-ending irrational number has always been inspiring many fields of Mathematics and Physics with its charming personality!..Apart from sciences, I would say that anything you see in the shape of a circle 🔵 is not devoid of the presence of our cutie ‘ pie = π’..🙂

Today…14th of March holds an irreplaceable importance in the history of Mathematical formulae related to our physical world..I still remember how my students used to get surprised as I say ‘pi’ and they’d be a bit scared😳 to see the symbol of ‘π’ on the blackboard😃…but as they learn more about it, I was happy to hear them say…”Ma’am..’π’ isn’t so scary anymore..It is just 22/7″…🙂Aren’t kids the cutest creatures of all!?

The applications of ‘π’ aren’t just centred around your Math textbook..they are much wider in scope and much more mesmerizing in use. Though it’s just a number, it has still proven to be the most puzzling one!

Being the 16th letter of the Greek Alphabet, the first calculation of ‘π’ was done by Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC) one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world 🌎.

‘π’ cannot be conformed into a blog with limited words when it’s horizons are beyond any limit.🧐 One important lesson I learnt from this cutie pie ‘π’ is to keep enlarging the scope of one’s talents and abilities because you are the limit to your thoughts and your thoughts are the limit to your dreams!!

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