More than 51% of adults worldwide are sleep deprived😴..What about you?

According to recent statistical findings, it’s shocking to know that almost 8/10 suffer due to lack of sufficient sleep💤..If you are able to rest well without any problems, then you are already very blessed🙂..

Among many reasons that could drive a person to strive for success is the “bliss of peace”..After working continuously for 8-10 hours, what do you long for?..A peace-filled home and a peaceful sleep…Am I right?..

Well, our Prince of Peace is the harbinger of all comforts and happiness…As the mighty King of Israel, as the chief Choir leader training thousands of singers, as the resource incharge for the building of God’s temple..above all as the man of valor in battle…King David must have been more busy than most of us, yet we find him taking time to be entitled as “next to God’s own heart” and enjoying the priceless blessing of a good night sleep filled with beautiful dreams of success💭…Let’s see how did David get this blessing!

Begin each morning by surrendering the day’s activities to His will and end each night by surrendering the day’s “tears and joy” to His grace!.. Try this for atleast 3 days and witness for yourself a peaceful sleep like no other!..😇

A person can have his/her rest assured when he/she knows that nothing can go wrong while sleeping..The love of God removes all fears. David, in reality, must have had the fear of being attacked by his enemies..yet we find him putting his trust on the Holy Mountain ⛰ because he knew that his Creator will protect him, even if the whole world stands against him. Thus, when you go to sleep, keep all negativity aside and think optimistically about the bright side of life..May God bless your sleep!

God’s blessings are always beyond our scope of comprehension as they express the highest level of compassion. Even, our parents sometimes doze off as soon as we fall asleep but our Maker watches over us every single nanosecond of our sleep everyday…Isn’t that so beautiful 😍?…At times, we don’t realize this because we try to evaluate based on sight..Try to see His love through the eyes of faith…you’ll be truly amazed at the depth of His marvelous love for you🙂

On this WORLD SLEEP DAY..let’s remember all our near and dear ones who are suffering due to lack of proper sleep..May the Lord of peace grant their lives with a pleasant rest 💤.. 🙏

Surrender to His will..
Submit to His sweet voice..
And enjoy the Safety of His love😊

Have a Good night!😴 ..🌙

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