‘Buy’ these 4 Things 🛍 which are ‘Not for sale’🚫!

Living in this materialistic world has blindfolded many people to value things more than life..It’s even more saddening to wrap our minds around the fact as to how everything seems to be weighed on the scales of money💰….If you’re given to choose between ‘wealth’ and ‘wisdom’..🤔what would be your choice?

We serve a living God who speaks living words to resurrect our dead-like souls to the refreshment of His grace!..

Through the words of King Solomon, our Creator has highlighted the need to purchase (strictly not for selling to anyone) these 4 things of utmost importance..Let’s have a look at them!

No.1 – TRUTH

The Truth of the Gospel is the guide into all other truths. It is essential for a person to buy himself/herself to acknowledge the truth of Christ – His birth to give us hope, His life to give us happiness, His death to give us Agape love, His resurrection to give us eternal blessings and His Second Coming to give us everything beautiful beyond this universe!! The one who believes this timeless truth ought not to sell it for the satisfaction of temporary bliss..


The Wisdom of God, our Creator, is definitely beyond the comprehension of our scientific minds and calculating thoughts. Wisdom springing from earthlings could help you in a lot of ways but it’s the wisdom from above that could help you withstand all the trials of life as a winner🏆! Remember to add ‘Wisdom’ in your shopping list (prayer)!


Presently, we are living in the days of grace, awaiting the days of wrath in the near future..The only counselor who is worthy to lead us through these times of difficulty is the sweet presence of Holy Spirit..thus it is a must to pay attention to the Instruction of the Holy Spirit. He has the most accurate answer to your every question of life, much better than Google 🖥 or Internet 📱, consult His expertize before seeking man’s limited experience!


The fourth important thing that everyone of us should be having is the Understanding of Scripture. The right Interpretation of biblical knowledge is the key to unlock the richness of God’s understanding. Some add unnecessary thoughts to disgrace God’s word while some remove necessary teachings to ignore God’s grace, leading to countless denominations and meaningless organizations. Be aware to read your Bible 📖 before listening to anyone as it is enough to gain the understanding you need🙂

Life gets really enjoyable when you have these 4 things within you. Therefore..Do not sell it to the world in exchange of it’s tempting snares..Instead share these priceless products with your precious people to glorify the name of your Creator!

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