↘️Decrease oneself – 2 – Increase one’s self↗️

‘One recent success… and people quickly forget the lessons learnt from their previous failures!’

Doesn’t it sound familiar in our lives too?..As long as things go wrong, we murmur and grumble about what could have happened right..And strangely, when right things do happen, we fail to realize that its the much awaited happiness to be cherished every single moment as it is!

John the Baptist, a powerful prophet for God, beautiful way maker for Lord Jesus’s ministry was a wonderful man who lived his whole life just to see the prosperity of His Master and King. Right from his birth (prophesied to be sign of repentance), he lived a life worthy to be praised by his Creator Himself as we hear from the words of Lord Jesus, “Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist.”…Wow😲..if God could praise a mere human being like that, what else certificate do you think you need to know that you are special for Him??

A man with no proper clothes but clothed with God’s unlimited power…a man having locusts for lunch with the greatest gift of salvation already in his heart…a man whose appearance won’t strike you charming but whose words of repentance could convict your guilty soul and lead you to your salvation…..on and on….I can say many more things about John the Baptist but the most important lesson I personally learnt is his humbleness which made him say, “God must increase, I must decrease”..

Every time I read this verse, my soul seems to question my mind, “What’s your motive in life?…Are you seeking your own selfish end or waiting for God’s selfless love to overpower you?”..What about you?..Have you ever thought of serving your Matchless Creator with the job you do?

The willingness to see the Sovereign Lord increase His favor on mankind was John’s entire focus. He was so disciplined to not let his mind waver even once, even upto the point of his own head being slaughtered in the sight of everyone..What encouraged John to face every odd of his life was his unshakeable faith that God will make everything even for him soon!

True sacrifice which brings down God’s grace is your wholehearted willingness to serve Him for who He is, and not for who you think He is!.. Let’s decrease our pride, ego, jealousy, hatred, dissatisfaction and increase our little acts of kindness to our neighbours by helping our adversaries, praying for the sick, providing meals for the hungry, honoring the destitute by sharing God’s love to them…These tiny sparks of goodness could do wonders in your life as God looks at our actions that could magnify His name with every single breath that we breathe!

Decreasing your self-focussed attitude reinforces your ability to increase your love-filled acts of God!

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