March 3 – 👂World Hearing Day👂

“The ear is the only true writer and the only true reader”..

Rightly said by Robert Frost, our ears 👂work wonders in our life as the most essential medium of ensuring better communication skills. As a student🤓, it is even more important to keep our ears as healthy as possible!

Tips for better hearing!

Very often, people ignore to screen their ears from unhealthy (loud noises) disturbances and end up regretting later. The ability to hear clearly to what the teacher teaches paves the way to answer promptly to the questions they ask from you. If a child is negligent to take care of his/her ears, try to inculcate these habits as soon as possible:-

  • Keep your ears clean and dry (with a damp washcloth).
  • Avoid the use of earphones until necessary (according to research, continuous use of earphones for only about an hour and 15 minutes can accelerate hearing loss).
  • Turn down the volume of TV📺, computers🖥, mobile phones📱and speakers 🔊..etc.
  • Remember to include vitamin-rich foods like bananas🍌(Magnesium), salmon🐟(Omega3 and Vitamin D) in your daily diet.
  • Distance yourself from your smart techies (📱…🎧💻) like a smart person.

If you detect any sort of problem with your hearing, be brave to address it to your parents and consult the doctor 👨‍⚕️ at the earliest. As goes the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”..hearing loss can be cured but it’s always wiser to prevent the loss of this beautiful sense by being a bit more careful!

A healthy ear can stand hearing sick words!..So, keep your ears healthy for a better living!

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