🚶‍♂️Let’s March into March-2021🚶…

Hi👋….Hope you’re doing great!..Welcome to a new month🙂…a marvelous March!..

Have you ever participated in a march past or been a part of a parade?…The word “March” stands for the ‘walk in military manner with a regular measured tread’.. Why do military forces ‘march’ and not ‘walk’ normally like us?🤔

The Word of God is our way maker and our way keeper!..Beautifully instructed through the mouth of Solomon, we are able to be cognizant of the importance of marching faithfully in this walk of life. The destination is the same for everyone…”Eternity”. Sometimes, people run to get fainted later due to lack of consistency..sometimes, people walk too slowly to get lost later due to lack of persistence!..Let’s keep “running and walking” aside🤓…and think about “marching” today!

1) Keep your gaze fixed

Marching differs from walking 🚶‍♀️in the way one fixes their vision. It’s natural to look at everything that passes by as you take a walk in a park…but it is necessary to fix your gaze ahead of you (without being concerned of what goes right in other’s life and what goes wrong in yours) while you are in a march past. Always look ahead optimistically in life to have a clear understanding of how your dreams can come true!

2) Keep your path straight

Do you know what’s the shortest distance between any two points?..Well, mathematics proves the perpendicular line (straight line) to be the shortest of all the possibilities to join two points. Yes, it is even more amazing to note that the path of righteousness laid down by our Creator is indeed the shortest and the safest route for you and me to enjoy this journey of life peacefully!..Thus, it’s imperative to not waste time indulging in every sinful act of mankind (long tiring curvy path, full of thorns) when God has already planned every sweet pleasure for us on the straight path!

March with God on the perpendicular🕧 trail today to walk with Him on the Heavenly😇 path someday!

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