Watch your mouth 🗣..3 ccc to avoid any argument!

The power of our tongue is more than what we perceive it. Less acknowledged words could either break or build a person. What about your words?..Do you really mind them before uttering?

Bible is not just a Holy Scripture for Christians…it lays the very true guidelines for a perfect living as a worthy human being…With thousands of promises for your encouragement and with tons of wisdom-provoking becomes even more imperative to give the perfect exercise to your mind every morning by reading it’s beautiful words of love and chastened!


Have you argued with someone recently?..What kind of words did you use?…

The word of God says that “be very cautious of every single word that comes out of your mouth”…Seldom, we tend to forget this and end up in unnecessary arguments, losing your good relationship with others as well as losing your peace of mind!…Thus, whenever you feel like arguing..the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself, “Do I really need to waste my time and energy in arguing?”…You’ll automatically calm down and there is 60% chance of your anxiety to subside sooner.


The second most important step is consider the meaning and consequences of the words you use while arguing. Stern words said politely could make the listener rectify himself/herself but if the same words are spoken harshly, it might make the listener to resent you even more..Do you really want that?


More than anything, practice ‘self-control’..Don’t argue when you know that people understand only what they want to understand...Still, if you find things going out of control..just surrender to your Creator!…He doesn’t just give you the wisdom to avoid an argument but He also helps His children to speak the right words at the right time to the right person!

Argument with man’s shortcomings is unprofitable while Agreement with God’s endless grace is beyond every profit!!

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