Embrace Him 2 be an Ace!..

Love is a beautiful art!..It needs precise acts of tenderness😍 and complete trust of people to make it shine even more brighter🌟..Though there are many ways you could have been using so far to show your love to others..have you thought about how are you displaying your love for your sweet Creator??..

King David is known for his unbeatable efforts to be a Great King, Caring Father, Efficient Shepherd, Tactful Warrior and above all…a wonderful worshipper of God’s goodness!..All the songs he composed speak just one thing – He indeed knew the taste of the sweetness in his Creator’s love!!…From this verse, he opens our minds to know how to embrace our Matchless King👑!..

Why to Embrace?

The maximum we do in God’s presence is to thank Him for His good deeds and to plead Him for His mercy to enable us to survive yet another stressful day of our lives…But this is not worship, let alone ’embrace’!!…God desires us to really kiss His presence as you would delight to do so for your dearest ones..Kissing God means ‘trusting Him completely’…When you fail to trust Him, you fail to embrace Him and ultimately you fail to make His face shine upon your life…

How to Embrace?

Though mortal beings, yet our Amazing Immortal Lord loves when we embrace Him with all that we have!..If love is what you seek today…then remember that ‘satisfying love’ is what God loves to give you always!..Embrace Him with every bit of your existence..Let your every failure praise His name and your every success testify His glory!…

Face His magnificence before you face the day..

Chase His righteousness rather chase the world..

Embrace His love to be an ace in everything!..

God bless you 🙏
Have a great day ahead 😊🌤

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