Persistence : Fall down 7 times but GET UP the 8th time!!

In this walk πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ of life..there are countless hurdles to be crossed. While some fail to skip over the stumbling stones, others happen to trip over them..What is important is not about whether you fall or not…it is about whether you remain in the fallen state or wish to rise up again!..

Looking at this constructive verse by King Solomon makes me ponder…’Have I risen up from what has made me to fall down?’…’Or have I become accustomed to this life of fallen state?’…Every morning take a few seconds to think about these will not just make you acknowledge the reality but it will enable you to spring up with hope and dance through the day with the abundant grace of God…

Fall down in God’s presence to Stand Upright in the world’s presence!

Falling down could be in physical or spiritual sense, through internal and external factors..If you fall from stairs, you could get physically bruised which could attract the compassion of others but when you fall into the deep pit of alluring sins (anything that could make your Creator feel sad)..always remember that no one except your Everlasting Maker could make you rise up again. Sin entices as it sucks all your goodness and leaves you to perish in eternal fire πŸ”₯…while the grace of God preserves your virtues and makes you shine eternally πŸ˜‡ …What would you choose??

According to the Scripture, a person refraining from sin and befriending his / her Creator is considered to be “righteous”…Righteous people aren’t guaranteed a life devoid of falling down but they are assured of a life of rising up stronger every time they seem to break down. So, the next time you fall down..don’t get disheartened!..Your Creator’s strong hands are always there to lift you out of the miry clay and set you on a rock to stay!..Be persistent to rise up every time you fall down..that’s the spirit of Abba’s child!!

Jump over the stumbling blocks of failure and climb on the steps of success…When your Almighty Savior holds your hand…how could you possibly fear of falling down!!?!!

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