One spark of fire can burn down an entire forest!..That’s the merciless power of FIRE!..Yet your Creator, the Lord of wonders chose this destructive ‘fire’ to do something extraordinarily constructive…Would you like to know?

When God brought His people, the Israelites out of the slavery of Egypt, there were countless instances of His love being revealed in bewildering ways. Those dry 40 years of walking in the wilderness was converted into the best years of experiencing God’s gracious presence in their lives.

Our Lord takes note of our every shortcoming. HE has the most appropriate solution for our every situation. In the lives of Israelites, HE met all their needs and made sure of their safety by walking along with them as the ☁️Pillar of Cloud☁️ during daytime (providing breezy cool presence to ease their tiredness)..and as the 🔥Pillar of Fire🔥 during night🌙 (radiating light and warmth into their dark times). Isn’t that amazing?

Though fire is known as a weapon of destruction…we see that God Himself is the All-consuming Fire we need today to burn all our vices, fear and weaknesses. Don’t worry!..As you hold HIS hands on this walk of life, your Creator (as the Pillar of Fire) will burn down all your stress and boost up your faith for HE watches over you day & night, 24 x 7!!

Fire of this world aims to cruelly destroy our happiness..but the Fire of God desires to beautifully construct our success!

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