Just ONE Remedy : Revert Hairfall 2 Hair Regrowth!

‘Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty and an expression of self-love’…

Though hair treatments, hair transplants, home remedies, tons of advices from elders and unlimited products for hair-control are available…. yet we find many people to be suffering due to hair loss. The reasons are usually centred around genetic causes or lifestyle (nutrient-deficiency and carelessly handled hair-care routines). I don’t know about you…recently I personally experienced a sudden concern about my hairfall regardless of all that I tried to stop it…But when I tried this one remedy..I started feeling the change within a few days and my hairfall reduced with improved hair regrowth now…Would you like to know?

The GOD of wonders knows the count of your hair!!

Unknowingly, I used to believe that my Creator would be only concerned about my spiritual needs and I never took my physical deficiencies to Him in prayer. But all of a sudden, when my hairs started to fall and I couldn’t find any effective solution..I decided to see what my God would say concerning this..

When I came across this verse in Luke while reading, I was so drawn to the depth of His limitless love and boundless care. I realized that God cares about my everything. If He could take care of every single strand of hair on my head, why should I still worry about anything !?!

What are you afraid of ??..

Look at the cute sparrows 🐦….they are satisfied with the ultimate care provided by their beautiful Creator..If God could be concerning about a little bird, how much more will He be concerned about the welfare and prosperity of you🙂, His supreme creation!!..

As soon as I acknowledged this truth that my Creator has numbered my hairs and that if any of it falls, it’s also by His will..whenever I combed my hair..I started claiming God’s power to give strength to my hairs by repeating these 2 verses in my mind. This little action of faith really boosted my trust in His love and has strengthened my hairs from falling..All praises be to God alone who has seen my worry and proved to me again that He is enough for me, no matter what!!..Since I’m following this remedy..I can say that you can try too if you suffer from hairfall and see for yourself the magic in God’s care for you! ❤…

The One who counts the stars of the sky and the sand on the seashore…..He has also numbered the hairs on your head and the days of your life on earth!..So, there’s definitely NOTHING that can escape HIS CARING HANDS!!

Have a blessed day ahead 😇

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