9/10 people like chocolate 🍫…Why??

“Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.”

– HEBREWS 12 : 15

I love chocolates🙃..Are you a chocolate-lover too?..Every human being craves differently when it comes to food..some love spice..while some love to be a sweet tooth!..Yet it’s astonishing to note that most of the population love the bittersweet combination of chocolates 🍫..

Chocolates teach a tasty lesson for us today!..It says to you, “Hi buddy, if life gets bitter..don’t get disheartened!..Look at me, there’s sweetness hidden in my bitterness!” Life is an adventurous ride of bitter and sweet experiences..When it’s bitter, remember God’s sweetness revealed in your life time and again…and when it’s sweet, never forget to thank His matchless goodness!


According to this beautiful verse, bitterness in a person’s heart is the root cause for all sins. Unknowingly, even the tiniest bitter feeling of envy against your neighbour could lead to unnecessary stress and loss if not recognized at the start. Our Creator makes it very clear that the roots of bitterness are poisonous and would end in one’s personal loss (peace deprived🙁) and other’s corruption too!..🤔This is indeed a serious issue but seldom acknowledged and rarely do a few try to rectify their thoughts and actions!


Just like how a tree 🌳 with bitter roots cannot produce sweet fruits 🥭…similarly a person, cultivating bitter feelings (against fellow men) cannot harvest the sweetness of success!..


Learn to embrace your bitter times of life. The fruits of success is hidden in the bitterness of the trials of life. Consider it as an opportunity to know more about how God’s power works to help you out of it. Once you’re equipped with the richness of God’s love…you wouldn’t feel bitter towards anything!..Personally, I’ve experienced it too..Until and unless I surrendered my bitterness to my King, I couldn’t taste the sweetness from His cup of happiness!..Getting bitter is natural for every human being but staying bitter isn’t at all beneficial for a precious CHILD OF GOD LIKE YOU!!

Be a chocolate🍫…Let your bittersweet flavor inspire many to love the sweetness of your Creator’s compassion!!

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