Feb.1 : Time to realize the meaning of ‘love’!

Your Everlasting Creator loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime..

Let’s begin this month with God’s never-ending grace😇

Hii Dear Ones!..Wishing you warm greetings of love and peace😊…

As we step into a new month, the month of ‘love’..it’s even more important for all of us to realize the inevitable essence of ONE TRUE LOVE!

A caring shepherd had 100 innocent sheeps🐑, with whom he loved spending every day of his life. But one day, a little sheep (just 1 out of 100) lost it’s way in the mountains ⛰ and didn’t know how to come back home.

What do you think you would do if you were that shepherd?

Maybe, we could be worried about that sheep, but this shepherd did something beyond that..He left his 99 sheep behind in order to save the 1 lost..That’s called ‘love’ : beyond one’s imagination and comprehension!..

At times, this selfish world could make you experience pain through it’s loveless deeds…but our selfless Shepherd is always there to let you (His sweet little sheep) to enjoy the bounty of His love and security..

Never forget that God’s true love is mighty to deliver you out of all the mess you are in…God’s limitless love is more than enough to satisfy every yearning in your heart today..God’s pure love is what makes you breathe this very second!…

A circle’s 🔵 beginning and end could be measurable but God’s overflowing love for you is unmeasurable!..

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