🕊2 Ways to Fly on the WINGS OF FREEDOM🕊

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

– 2 Corinthians 3:17

‘Things perceived through sight alone are not true always‘..Every person, existing in this world ponders in many different ways to find out the purpose in their lives. Purpose of our life is interrelated to the purpose of our creation, which can be better understood through the insight provided by our Almighty Creator!

Freedom is not the absence of barriers but it is the presence of an overwhelming power to shatter all the shackles of bondages. Today, everyone wishes for freedom from personal grudges, materialistic struggles, unstable emotional thoughts and unsatisfactory relationships. But we fail to understand that true freedom is itself a gift 🎁 from God..


It’s always wonderful to think of how our Creator has displayed His majesty through time immemorial as ‘God the Father’ (Old Testament), ‘God the Son’ (New Testament) and ‘God the Holy Spirit’ (present time)..The Lord we serve, the GOD of TRINITY has always manifested His Sovereignty to set us free from all that entangles to enstrangle us!

There is freedom through the Spirit of the Lord. It’s time to break free of these chains ⛓ of sorrow, pain and struggles of life..Beyond the physical world of difficulties, there is a spiritual warfare which every human being is bound to face. Hence, True freedom in your body and soul is possible when God sets your spirit free!


The Spirit of the Lord descends like a dove🕊,divine and beautiful…but it empowers your life like a raging fire🔥 to consume all the evil darts. Therefore, more than being freed through God’s power, it’s more advantageous to be freed when the Spirit of the Lord resides in you! Blinded through misunderstandingof the Scripture, partial understanding of the Gospel, people are ignorant of the truth that the most amazing gift God blesses man with is the gift of the Holy Spirit🎁!..We don’t deserve it, yet He willingly gives us out of the greatest love🤍 He has for us!..When you receive this splendrous gift..I guess there’s nothing that can bound you anymore!

Let the Spirit of the LORD fill us to the fullest!

Remind your spirit,”I am the child of God”….and set yourself free by flying on the wings of Agape love!!

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