Shepherd’s Blessings🐑..@ DewDropForTheDay!

The relationship between a shepherd and his sheep🐑 is a beautiful illustration of how we are cared for by our Loving Creator. The sheep never do anything beside what’s in the interests of their shepherd and the shepherd in turn only seeks for the welfare of his sheep all day 🌞 and all night🌙. Isn’t that amazing?

Psalm 23 is a well known song of King David, which still mesmerizes it’s readers into the beauty of God’s love for His children. David’s personal experience as a shepherd boy combined with how wonderfully God enabled him to be a king later, has brought a new perspective to its irresistible words of truth. David saw his Creator as a SHEPHERD, kind and !..What do you consider HIM to be??

Our Good Shepherd knows how to make his sheep lie down in green pastures. His gracious words not just strengthens us mentally but it also satisfies us with all the materialistic blessings that we seek. Though there are so many tempting voices of this world trying to deviate your mind🗣…always remember to identify the gentle voice of your Sweet Shepherd!

When you learn to abide by His call, He leads you beside still waters💧… Waters refresh the sheep and satisfy their thirst. This can be vividly implied to how our Shepherd satisfies the yearnings of our hearts through the abundance of His Everlasting water from the River of Delights.

If you agree to be His little sheep 🐑 today..God will take care of your every need as the Supreme Shepherd!!..Amen!

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