Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!

‘Life isn’t a bed of roses’!🥀..Most often, this saying proves itself to us. But I’d say ‘Life is a bed of roses💐 when you are His child’..Because your Everlasting Creator loves to hold you in His palm of His hands so that not even a tiny thorn scratches you!

The Scripture unfolds valuable gems of wisdom for those who are willing to throw away the ignorance of its importance in today’s busy world. The Good News is…ALL YOUR TIRING BATTLES OF LIFE ARE NOT YOURS ANYMORE!!..Instead, your Matchless Love from Heaven is already fighting them for you as the Mighty Warrior!

There’s nothing more to fear…If you believe that you are His Child..then try to trust Him by waiting patiently for Him to win the battle for you..It could delay but it will never be left defeated!If God could win the battle of life and death…how much more can He do to win the temporary battles of this mortal life of yours!?!

Smile🙂..God has wiped all your tears away!

7 thoughts on “Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!

  1. Thank you for this. I just went through few of your posts. It’s lovely. Thank you for your kind support by liking my post. I’ve just started my blog. If you want you can have a look at the other posts. Followed you. Would love to stay connected.😇

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