Dew Drop For The Day!

What is your strength πŸ’ͺ today?

Imagine being a slave girl πŸ‘§, separated from her parents, snatched away from your childhood and taken as a captive in an unknown country!…What will be your state of mind?..

This little girl from the Story of Namaan’s life was a very brave one. As soon as she knew that her master is suffering from leprosy and that no one could heal him, she takes the unique step to approach her mistress, convincing about the power of God through Elisha the prophet in Israel. That’s called courage!!

Courage is not when you are able to say things boldly because you know it has happened before…Instead, when you haven’t experienced yet but you are able to confess to others..that is when a person is said to be ‘Courageous for God’…In this materialistic world 🌎, people having wealth, qualification or status aren’t as bold as those who have the unshakable faith in Christ!

Learn to kneel before God in prayer before you wish to stand upright in this evil world. Kneeling before God unlocks the courage in your heart!..If a little girl could glorify God’s name through her courageous words shared at the right moment to the right person in much more can we do to bring our Creator’s love ❀ and His miraculous healing into the lives of the people around us!!

Courage from man could make you get up but it’s the courage from your Creator that could make you defeat the life’s challenges!

This is my new YouTube channel..Hope to see your love and support through your likes and subscribes!!πŸ™ƒ

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