National Girl Child Day 2021..👧

Dad’s doll👨‍👧and mom’s pet👩‍👧 …..Every Girl child is always a gift from God!.. Treasure and cherish every girl through your prayer, respect and love!

‘Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.’

– Psalm 127 : 3

Even though our Creator loves the children, who are the embodiment of innocence and pure love, mankind has not treated them the same.

Child labour..Child Abuse..Child marriage..Female foeticide..Child kidnappings…Crime in the name of charity in homes and orphanages…What are all these?..😥 Do you think God likes the way we treat the kids?

Isn’t that the bitter reality of how safe children and females are in our countries??

It’s really sad to come across so many depressing graphs 📊 and pie charts of how children, and especially girl children are suffering in many countries.Why so?..Where has the sense of morality vanished?

The WORD OF GOD considers children as a gift 🎁..precious and priceless!..

If you know how to treasure a precious will definitely know how to take the right steps to ensure that these beautiful gifts from heaven are also cared for.

Change in society cannot happen when we fail to realize that we ourselves are the CHANGE we seek…Always be attentive to let the goodness within you to shine brighter through your wonderful thoughts and your generous deeds!!

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