Anxiety😟—the most common of all mental disorders—currently affects about one in 13 people!..🤔 Are you in that 7.3%?

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”

– Proverbs 12 : 25

ANXIETY…This is the world’s biggest mental health problem, casually taken but greatly affecting the human race. An estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. That’s around 4% of the global population, with a spread of between 2.5% and 6.5% of population per country. Around 62% of those suffering from anxiety are female (170 million), compared with 105 million male sufferers. Are you one among them?

Anxiety grips a person when he/she tries to solve the worries on their own. Though it sounds realistic and good to face the challenges of life on our own, it often leads to the installation of the virus named ‘Self-pride’ into our system, which slowly corrodes the ‘Faith’, the harbinger of all goodness.

The Word of GOD constantly reminds us to be aware of this vicious trap of ‘anxiousness’ by holding on to HIS graciousness!



Anxiety is the root cause of all your sadness today…

Don’t comply with it..

Combat it!

Have you faced these symptoms?

Anxiety weighs you down!

All of us must have experienced the bitterness of anxiety in our lives. We must have even taken resolutions to avoid being anxious, yet when things go different than expected, naturally we invite this monster back into our minds.

King Solomon had rightly said that anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down. Being anxious is not a solution to any of your problems. It aggravates the situation into desperation and ends in desolation of peace from your heart. Our Gracious Creator doesn’t like to see us frown and moan. HE says to you today..“I AM YOUR FATHER..YOU ARE MY CHILD..DO NOT BE ANXIOUS ABOUT ANYTHING…JUST ASK ME & I WILL DO IT FOR YOU!”

What’s gonna be your next generous act?

Generosity lifts you up!

The first strategy to combat anxiety is to ‘Surrender the anxious thoughts in prayer’..It definitely works. I have personally experienced the power of God being revealed only when I gave all my worries to the GREAT I AM!..A small prayer of saying ‘LORD..Please help me not to be anxious about this problem’…is more than enough to instill a sudden peace and unknown joy into your heart.

The second most important strategy to fight this monster is by being good and generous. Generosity should initially begin with one’s words. Speaking good to others (even when you are personally in an unbearable pain) will heal the hurt of the listener and give satisfactory bliss to the speaker. Everytime you get anxious, make it a habit to say something nice (‘God loves you’)..something encouraging(‘I know you can do this’)..something good (‘God is good’) to someone who is in a very sad situation. Give it a try today and see how God blesses you!

When we are anxious with others, it points us to the world of worries..

When we are generous with others, it points us to the God of all happiness!

#How would you choose to be today?

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