Do not correct a scoffer [who foolishly ridicules and takes no responsibility for his error] or he will hate you; Correct a wise man [who learns from his error], and he will love you.

– Proverbs 9 : 8 (Amplified Bible)

No two persons are alike in both thoughts and speech. As a human being, created in the priceless image and likeness of our Amazing Creator, you are bound to be unique (than even your best friend) in the way you perceive the world around you. Embracing the differences of other people yet being concerned about their welfare should be the focus of every individual. But, often we come across people who despise the word ‘ADVICE’…Why?

ADVISING has always been a challenge for both the adviser (to say the right thing) and to the advisee (to do the right thing said). The Word of God has an explicit answer to our every query in life. It gives us the right counsel through the stern yet truth-filled words of the Wise King Solomon. Let’s imbibe this piece of best advice into our lives today!


Have you ever advised someone?..How did they react?..God’s word asks us to advise the ones who wish to learn from their mistakes and desire to correct their errors. If you want to advise a student, who mistreats his/her classmates unnecessarily, then you need to first find out as to what makes that child to behave differently..& most importantly, whether his/her intention is to rectify their misbehavior(even 1%) or not.

Hence, the next time you wish to advise someone, make sure you ascertain their willingness to take your advice in the positive sense. Such a person, who seeks advice for the right reasons would always love the one advising and he/she would be careful to abide by what is being advised to them.

Revised ‘SIGN RULE’ for an effective adviser!


If you see someone ridiculing the right ‘ADVICE’ or scoffing at an ‘ADVISER’…then there’s no need for you to waste your meaningful words to such a person. Advising someone for the very first time itself will give you a complete understanding of the advisee’s perspective to learn from their errors or not. If they cling on to your advise, WELL AND GOOD!..If they don’t listen, step back and walk away in prayer!..Just keep praying for them..One day they’ll understand the meaning of your words!

A good advice is like a seed of hope, which sprouts into a small sapling of good-will and flourishes into a tree of prosperity. Therefore, the sower (adviser) as well as the ground (advisee) are equally responsible for the seed to grow with the water of God’s words being sprinkled and the sunshine of God’s love being scattered at the right time.

In the words of King Solomon..”Listen to good advice if you want to live well”…

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