Prefix the word ‘THING’ from ‘NO’ ➡️’EVERY’ : See how ‘Impossible’ says ‘I AM POSSIBLE’!

‘Have you suffered so many things and experienced so much all for nothing- if indeed it was all for nothing?’

– Galatians 3 : 4 (AMP)

Even though the first known use of one of the most common word ‘nothing‘ was considered to be before the 12th century, history indicates that one of the earliest Western philosophers to consider nothing as a concept was Parmenides (5th century BC), who was a Greek philosopher of the monist school. It is also notable that this word was used in ancient Indian philosophical texts to refer to nothingness as shunya, a word that would later mean zero, the hero of math. What does the Bible say about this word?

Our infinite Creator is known for HIS fathomless wisdom when it comes to understanding the creation of this world. We, in this Milky Way galaxy, along with innumerable species of flora and fauna are just a tiny replica of HIS magnificence. Genesis 1 : 2 surprises us to know that GOD created ‘everything’ out of ‘nothing’!..So, the next time you feel sad thinking ‘I AM NOTHING’…just say to yourself that ‘MY GOD CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING OUT OF NOTHING’!


In the context of this thought-provoking verse, the Galatians were being convinced by false teachers that they must follow the Old Testament law in order to be truly saved (Galatians 2:4). Paul is asking them a series of leading questions to help them remember what they learned from him about salvation by faith through God’s grace and not self-effort (Galatians 3:1–3).

At times, when all we see is negative around us, we end up losing the shine of salvation within us. Every person, whether a believer of Christ or not has to go through the stumbling blocks of ‘pessimism’ and ‘lack of faith’ at some point of their lives. But the difference is in the way a believer acts. Though all you see now is NOTHING yet if you believe that EVERYTHING is in your CREATOR’S HANDS..then be are on the right track of righteouness!

I belong to GOD..I am ‘nothing’ without HIM!

“For with GOD nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible.”

– Luke 1 : 37 (AMP)


There has never been a season or moment when our Maker was confused as to how to solve an impossible situation. HIS astonishing wisdom and breathless works will always be beyond the scope of our understanding. Yet, GOD displayed the greatest marvel ever by graciously saving you and me through the precious blood of HIS ONE AND ONLY SON, LORD JESUS CHRIST!..The best part of all this is if you’re able to understand how beautiful is God’s salvation (not by law, not by works but by HIS pure grace), I strongly believe that very soon you’d find yourself listening to the Impossibles of your life saying ‘I AM POSSIBLE’. Because your nothingness is like God’s magic wand to fulfil everything your heart wishes..KEEP HOLDING ON TO THE FAITH YOU PROFESS!

I am blessed with everything I need.

I am working hard towards everything I want.

Most of all..

I appreciate and thank GOD for everything I have.

#Do you want everything nice to happen to you?..Then make sure you say these lines to yourself every day!

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