$What’s your worth?$..Let’s find!

Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!

– Luke 12 : 24

Good morning dear ones!..

Man has many needs before him. It could be related to his personal satisfaction, or family happiness or even recognition of his hardwork at his workplace. Above all, our ‘needs’ seem to drive us to find the reason to live.

Our Creator is known by many beautiful names. One among them is ‘JEHOVAH JIREH – OUR PROVIDER’..HE knows best how to meet our needs and satisfy us with the right pleasures from HIS river of delights. Today, on the occasion of ‘NATIONAL BIRD DAY‘, it’s really sweet to see how birds not just connect us with the world around but they also connect us with our Maker above!

Who feeds the care-free birds?

As Lord Jesus was encouraging His disciples to not worry about the things of the world, He used this wonderful contrast with the life of these feathery creatures. Though they don’t sow or reap, God always takes care of them that they don’t have to suffer from hunger or thirst. He knows how to lead them to the right places at the right time to keep them safe and satisfied. Though birds don’t invest their efforts to build storehouses and barns like us, yet God keeps them fully nourished and healthy throughout all the seasons. Isn’t that fascinating to think about!?…But there’s something even more wonderful..Would you like know?…

These intelligent ravens have got lots of lessons to teach us!

You are valuable more than the birds!

Yes, you are definitely more precious in HIS sight. How could HE not be concerned about HIS most special and prime creation!..Your every need is already in His notice..God will feed your soul with HIS peace!..All that we need to do is to wait patiently like the babies of raven. Even if it gets late, they know their mom will bring them food..that is why they don’t jump out of their nests on their own in quest of food…Do you trust your Heavenly Dad like that?..It’s important to learn to wait with patience because that’s the road to happiness.

Let’s celebrate God’s love in our lives..

Every day God thinks of you.

Every hour God looks after you.

Every minute God cares for you.

Every second God protects you.

Because every second HE loves you!

#Stay blessed

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