Use this ‘Revised CH₄’ = Be a Comprehensive Reader!

“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction.

No, read in order to live.

– GUSTAVE FLAUBERT, one of the greatest Western novelists

Do you like ‘reading’?..What kind of books fascinate you?

Reading is not just a hobby as many assume it to be. Instead, the art of reading evolved with the science of its comprehensive nature enhances one’s development in all spheres of life. When did you read for the first time?..I guess maybe as a little child of 3-4 years!..Well, now, after so many years of reading different kinds of books, BrainyBuddy wishes to analyse as to what kind of reader you are!..Are you ready to find out?

It’s interesting to recap how the most amazing element of the Periodic Table ‘CARBON’ is unique for its power of catenation (linkage of atoms of the same element into longer chains). The smallest hydrocarbon possible is Methane, which plays an important role in the Green House Effect. Let’s see how ‘methane’ is a good teacher to improve our reading skill!

Just a ‘HELLO’!

Sometimes, when your teacher asks you to do a silent reading, you might just stare at the pics or the letters without listening to what it means!…That’s the first bond..It’s like saying ‘Hello’ to someone without even bothering to know whom you are wishing..Do you think this bond alone is enough to be an effective reader?

Why to ‘HEAR’?

‘There is no friend as loyal as a book!’..It acts as a window to your mind and offers the best answers for all your educational, recreational or even personal questions. All it requires us to do is to listen to what it says. Kids find this difficult because even with a Science or Math textbook being open before their eyes, their minds are quick to wander off to the nearest canteen (which ice-cream should I buy today?) or to the happiest place (‘when is my next PT class?’). If you are able to hear (not just with ears but with your brain) the words you read..Bravo! have established the 2nd bond successfully!

Should I ‘HEED’?

‘Heeding’ is the advanced stage of ‘hearing’..It requires a person to pay attention to what he/she reads. This is applicable for all subjects. Even if it is just a newspaper or a novel, if you don’t focus on what you read, it would be just a waste of time. Reading with heeding enables you to refresh your learned thoughts about that topic and enriches your mind with the new updates in that matter. Connect what you read with what you have read earlier. For example, when you came across the term ‘hydrocarbon’, did you happen to look for other compounds of the same family? Reading shouldn’t be a hobby of yours..It should be a habit of yours!..The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become!..So, the next time you open a book, don’t think that it is boring..Just consider it as talking to a great friend who speaks with letters and numbers!..

How to ‘HANDLE’?

Many times, students lament after an exam..’Oh, no!..I knew that answer..I have studied it!’..’Why didn’t I remember it while writing?’…If you have experienced this, then it implies the need to form the 4th bond – ‘handling what you read’. The best way to handle is to use your hands to put the material read into practice like working out the problems of Math or noting down the important dates of history!..When you jot down whatever you read, even once, it doubles the chance of improving your memory power.

So, how many bonds have you formed with reading?..

Optimize the time you spend with your books. They are powerful when you learn to handle them effectively. With their treasure-trove of ‘gems of wisdom’..they provide you with the right footsteps to follow in this life.

Don’t try to be a ‘normal reader’..Apply the ‘Revised Methane’ to be a comprehensive reader, because its the comprehensive reader who can tackle every exam with wonderful scores!

‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Practice every day to stay fit.’

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