BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; HE will never leave you nor forsake you.”

– Deuteronomy 31 : 6

Tick-tock…tick-tock….It is 12 am finally!….As another wonderful ‘year of challenging lessons’ has come to an end and as another ‘year of new hopes’ is set to start to surprise us with a better life….I’d love to wish all my dear readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!..

Though the phrase ‘Do not fear’ has been beautifully said by our Creator almost 365 times (as recorded in the Bible) to HIS created beings, time and again HE encourages all of us to know the difference between the commonly-used terms ‘STRONG’ and ‘COURAGEOUS’ and to apply it effectively in order to lead a peaceful life on earth. In this specific context, we see Moses giving these words of encouragement to his successor Joshua as the new leader to lead the Israelites into the land flowing with milk and honey, i.e., a place of abundant blessings!..Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand how these words are still applicable to us in 2021!

Our LORD crowns the year with HIS goodness..And HIS paths drip with abundance!

Don’t worry that you’re not strong enough before you begin. It is in the journey that God makes you strong!


It is said that the strongest animal in the whole world is actually a dung beetle. Of course, it cannot really take on a grizzly bear or some other animal with great strength, but it can lift objects that are 1141 times heavier than its body weight...Isn’t that amazing?

Being ‘strong’ is one’s inner capability, it could be physical strength (by diet & exercise) or mental strength (by books & knowledge) or even materialistic strength (by money & status). More than all of these, we need to be strong in our faith as we step into the unknown future. Let CHRIST alone be your strong foundation..Build your family, profession and life upon this unshakable Rock of Salvation!

Which animal do you think is the strongest?
What is your source of ‘strength’ today?

Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired ability to move beyond fear!

Meet this fearless creation..RATEL, Honey Badger!
& the secret to ‘courage’ is hidden in the heart of the faithful…


1Do you know which animal is the bravest?..Well..Honey Badgers are known for their courageous acts and fearless nature. Bees or porcupines are not able to sting it and even if it is attacked by big predators like a lion or buffalo, it knows to defend itself with the limited strength that it has!..Yes, ratel is the living definition of ‘courage’…Our Lord wants us to be mentally and morally strong to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty that we are to face this year!..When we lean on to HIS life-changing promises and hold on to HIS perfect hands of love, HE teaches us to live strongly and courageously!..So, no worries as to what awaits for us this year..Just remind yourself to thank the ONE holding this year!..Hope you have a cheerful day ahead!

Wishing you and your family a New Year..a New 2021 that sparkles with your Creator’s strength and shines with His courageous Spirit guiding you!


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