“Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,

but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”

– PROVERBS 28 : 13

#Day 4..#Countdown continues..

Selly was on her way home from school, walking sadly as she was contemplating how to avoid showing her ‘C grade’ in the class test to her parents. She knew they would be displeased with the grade but she couldn’t convince herself to hide away the papers too..What do you think she should do?

‘Covering up a mistake’ or ‘concealing the truth’ are both considered as ‘sin’ in the eyes of our Creator..But in reality, we all might have experienced how difficult it is to ‘hide a sin’ and how hard it is to ‘accept it’ before others. Yet, if confession to God could open the closed doors in our life and pave the path of blessings, then why not try to be a bit braver today!


In the voice of one of the wisest minds, Solomon ascertains us that anyone who tries to cover up his/her sins will not prosper. As mortal beings with finite thoughts, none of us can be 100% righteous, but we can keep trying our best to let go of what’s holding on to spoil our goodness.

Every single night, when we close our eyes to sleep, lets take a few seconds to introspect ourselves, like the 90% of people. It is a great indicator to realize how have we dishonored HIS name through our words, thoughts and actions. As soon as that realization dawns upon us, comes the most important decision – ‘Should I conceal and suffer with it or confess and forget it’?!..IF YOU WISH TO PROSPER, THEN CHOOSE WISELY LIKE THE COURAGEOUS 9%..


People usually refrain from confessing for the fear of embarrassment and rejection. But dear friends, if you too feel likewise, then think of how our Creator had already handled all our sin, shame, embarrassment and rejection on the Cross of Grace..There is nothing to be afraid of!..What can man do to you when the SON OF MAN is with you!..Hence, pick up your chess piece and strike the fear of confession!..

Solomon beautifully concludes by saying that ‘Don’t stop it at the 1st stage of ‘Confessing your sins’..Instead, move on to the 2nd stage of ‘Renouncing the mistakes’..If your smart with numbers, you could easily guess that the rest 1% of wise people are in this stage. Letting go of a sin is only possible through God’s mercy and your determined right actions to overcome it every day. Again, the decision lies in your mind – Do you want to be one among the 99 or the 9 or the 1?

Next time, when you commit a mistake..’Be slow to conceal, swift to confess and steadfast to renounce’…

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